Deer Measuring & Skinning

Measuring And Skinning

Measuring and Skinning

A - Tip Of Nose to eye ,only if you can skin out head,The tricky bit ,best left to the taxidermist.

- Neck Circumfrance,This is the most important area for mounting a shoulder cape,And the only measure to worry about.

C - Tip Of Nose - Base of tail only if going for a full mount.

D - Girth Of Belly.Only if going for a full mount.

A - Tip Of Nose - Front Corner Of Eye.


B -Circumfrence Of Neck 3" Below Ears,most important

Before Skinning

Measure eye to nose prior to skinning, it is best to use callipers to obtain this measurement. Using a tape can vary measurement as much as 1/2".but usually thats all thats availlabe.  This is for the more practiced skinner.

Gamekeepers, just skin roll down to neck joint after measuring, Remember to skin from start of brisket square over the back,do not deviate to top of shoulder and do not cut all the way up back to the head.         

Once you have skinned as soon as possible put in a freezer inside a thick plasic bag and tie ,It is verry important that you get the caped head to me as soon as possible, a day or 2 if you keep in a chiller if not this could result in hair loss due to the build up of bacteria rendering the cape usless thus having to search for a replacement.Go to red stag Skinning for more info on skinning,

Once skinned from warm animal,let skin cool before freezing in a bag as skin could sweat in freezer damaging skin.


Take a note on cacdboard and tags arround antlers to help identify.

For Further Information,Look at you tube,=under skinning for a shoulder mount,and caping the head 1&2,by dicks taxidermy. but dont cut skin all the way down spine,just about 6"thats all.

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