Taxidermy Price List

Price List (uk Sterling) 2010

Price List (UK Sterling) 2010 taxidermy mount prices are set against the quality of an item, the better the taxidermy mount the price will be set accordingly as in the red stag antlers page section, Robert Bartlett taxidermist has a reputation of high standard of taxidermy mounts and an ever growing reputation for life like game head taxidermy mounts along with all species, birds, mammals,etc. please check out the red deer taxidermy page for examples. 



Game £ Mammals £
Pheasant 300 Fox  550
Grouse 280 Ferret  300
Blackcock 375 Stoat 185
Capercaillie (Male) 480 Squirrel   199
Capercaillie (Female) 450    

Please note: Capercaillie are only for sale to customers outside Scotland, due to licensing regulations                                                                 

                                                                                         FULL MOUNTS


Mallard Duck 300 Badger 550
Goose 400 Mink 299
Partridge 280 Pine Martin 350
Ptarmigan 280 Hare 450
Woodcock 280 Rabbit 200
    Hedgehogs 350
Fish   Mouse 100
£25 per inch for Salmon
& Trout others vary
  Lion 3,500
    Roe Deer 1,800
    Red Deer  from,standard /roaring 3,400
     African exotics please ask  
Birds   Heads  
Owl 295 Fox (Mouth closed) 300
Sparrowhawk 295 Fox (Snarling) 350
Kestrel 295 otter full mount.  
Small Birds 99 Roe Deer 425
Buzzard 295 Stag upright-stag roaring 700 - 999
Peregrine 295 Sika Deer.small to large/pedestal 650
    Fallow Deer,small to large/pedestal 0675900
    Wild Goat,small to large 0-650
     wild boar small to big/ open mouth  700-950
Antlers Heads Cleaned, whitened  £40+  price vary for different species  
Roe, Sika, Red, Brass
or Ivory Plaques.


For Further Information. 

Call/Email Robert Bartlett on 07846-851130.

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