Deer Management Pest Control

Deer Management Vermin Control

Deer management vermin control

   Robert Bartlett /Alba highland taxidermist also is a qualified deer stalker and has vast experience in hunting of all species of deer/vermin/pests for 27years and can give help to those in need, Robert likes to vary his work as it also keeps him fit and healthy in the interest, Robert also has associates that can assist and many helpfull contacts, Registered fit and competant with the Red deer commision/SNH fully insured for 10,000,000.   Some times i do deer control for a taxidermy item in exchange for the owner, a bit of bartering as i need capes that are in the right season and of quality, mole control, rats, mice, foxes,etc, Call to discuss.



Deer Management, pest, vermin, control, Ross shire ,inverness shire ,highlands scotland
Sika Stag that caused garden damage

       Alba haighland taxidermy is geared up to accomodate extra work consisting of manageing deer , pest and vermin control covering the highlands of scotland  ross-shire inverness-shire,etc, call for more info.

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