Red Stag Taxidermy, Game Head,

Red Stag Taxidermy, Trophy Mounts Deer Game Head Antler For Sale

Exmoor emperor red deer stag taxidermy, Red stag 22 points sold sold (Product Code: Exmr-1)

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Newly mounted and finished to the highest standard mounted to wall or pedestal pose on requirement, the antlers are detachable for safe handling  via postage and house moving aspects,  considering health and safety. This is an Exmoor emperor size stag multi pointed with dark good sized points, there will not be many stags of this calibrate for sale as it costs far more to hunt than it does for the taxidermy mounting fee. 

This is the bees knees stag of all stags with a definite  attraction etc  suitable for a large house, lodge or hotel etc.


Others are being made up of similar size and quality and if interested please keep checking site for updates on stag mount sales. Sold sold sold



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