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Black grouse for sale, sold sold
( blck1 )

      A lovely hanging blackcock for art decor/interior design,   A rare and beautifull piece,   P&p uk only rest of world at cost. Sold sold sold

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Cock pheasant for sale
( phsnt1 )

   A splendid cock pheasant example to brighten up any room,

 £20 uk p&p only rest of world at cost 

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Mallard drake taxidermy mount for sale
( miidke )

A fine specimen of a taxidermy mallard drake

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Tetrao Tetrix blackgrouse taxidermy for sale sold sold
( blck2 )

              A lovely set of male and female black grouse,     only 5000 breeding in the wild of uk   A unique chance to purchase a rare set of beautifull birds   these birds were not hunted.   Uk p&p £40 only rest of world at cost. Sold...

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Tetrao Tetrix Blackgrouse taxidermy for sale sold sold sold
( blck3 )

           A lovely black cock in leking pose,     A fine specimen and unique oppertunity to purchase a  rare bird of this quallity,  this bird was not hunted,   Uk p&p only £35 rest of world at cost. sold sold sold  

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