Roe Deer Buck Taxidermy Mounts

Roe Buck Deer Taxidermy Trophy Mounts Sale

Gold medal roe buck mounts to good 6 pointer roe buck antler mounts for sale, from time to time alba highland taxidermy put together some excellent roe buck taxidermy mounts for sale and dont usualy stay long before sold, the quallity is of the highest standard and made to be life like facial appearance, roe buck taxidermy mounts are of a size that will take up a little wall space in comparison to a red stag taxidermy mount and with a good summer cape will glow and brighten that space up, check out the unusual roe antlers for sale section for coalesced antlers to malform roe buck antlers to good 6 point roe deer buck antlers, some singular for stick making and for arts and crafts.

Roe buck deer taxidermy trophy mounts sale

Gold Medal Roe Buck taxidermy mount for sale
( Gdroebk1 )

  A quality gold medal roe buck mounted to the highest standard by leading taxidermist Robert Bartlett, gold medal certificate included, if interested and would like more pictures email me on    invest in quality that will keep its value.  

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Roe buck deer taxidermy mount sold sold
( Rb-3 )

A monster roe buck taxidermy mount of the highest quallity set on afull shoulder right turn pose, this roe buck is definately a head turner and with its bright red summer coat and world class taxidermy pose along with the magnificent antlers, absolute stunner.  Sold Sold Sold   £1000

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Roe Buck trophy taxidermy mount sold / sold
( roemnt10 )

     This is a lovely roe buck mount in strong summer coat.      uk p&p £30 only rest of world at cost.  Sold / Sold / Sold.

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