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Alba highland taxidermy.com is a company in the mid highlands of scotland started by the talented scottish taxidermist Robert bartlett naturalist deer stalker sportsman artist and Joiner, Robert has become a leading game head taxidermist in scotland uk over a short time by using his the most modern techniques and anitomicaly correct forms availlable, Robert sought out the best forms / manikins in the world to get the best start of making a life like taxidermy mount, Roberts deer trophy taxidermy mounts are becoming ever increasing in popularity with world wide orders for his work thus expanding with a new taxidermy studio with training facilities consisting of 400square mitre building and challet lodgings of a further 6 bedroom facility, Robert caters for red stag stalking in scotland as he is contact with many sporting estates and sporting agents so can mar up red stag stalkers, roe deer stalkers, fallow deer stalkers and sika stag stalkers to there acquired demands, contact Robert via email or phone for your requests on deer stalking in scotland and deer taxidermy, check out the red stag roe buck taxidermy and red deer antlers for sale sections.

Taxidermy in Aberdeenshire

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www.albahighlandtaxidermy.com in Scotland UK, Welcome to Alba Highland Taxidermy, Scottish Taxidermist Inverness UK, where alba specialise in producing the best realistic deer head mount re-creations for you. Regarded as the best red deer taxidermist in the highlands also now working in aberdeenshire.

Alba specialises in most aspects of Taxidermy, including birds of prey, game birds, exotic game heads, full mounts, mammals, and fish.

Robert Bartlett taxidermist has made it his  mission to further the appreciation of taxidermy as an art form, both to our customers, and the general public.
Alba highland taxidermy has a top reputation for high quality taxidermy, also contacts for  stalking in the highlands visit www.highlandstalking.co.uk for  an affordable stalking package Ewan Fraser on 07791783838.

We hope you enjoy your visit and find some helpful information on our website. 

sika stag taxidermy head mount monster antlers
scottish sika stag taxidermy mount massive antlers

A monster scottish sika stag taxidermy mount for sale

Taxidermist in scotland highlands of scotland.

CLICK TOP OF PAGE :SEE RED DEER STAG TAXIDERMY TROPHY MOUNTS FOR SALE  >SECTION FOR MORE INFO AND SELECTION, this stag one of 7 new red deer stag game head mounts for sale this season,   Price FROM £875 more pictures can be sent on request. Other mounts like this are available check out red deer stag taxidermy trophy mounts for sale section at top of page, also there are many stag antlers for sale.

For Further Information and join the the new items for sale mailing list:

Call/Email Robert Bartlett on 07846851130

 Dochnaclear taxidermy studio,


             Heights of fodderty,

               Ross shire,

                IV14 9AF


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You can also use our web site form to contact me. Click here

Cervus elaphus / red deer antlers

  A lovely quality set of red deer taxidermy antlers 20 point monarch of the glen style for sale,  click the red deer taxidermy or antlers for sale section at top of home page for various sets for sale, SMALL HILL SIZE STAG ANTLERS TO EXMOOR EMPEROR SIZE ANTLERS, new selection of stag taxidermy mounts for sale.


Hunting in South Africa pictures
Hunting in South Africa

www.andydenson.co.uk.       Click on the link or type in to view 

Just recently returned from a successful hunt in Africa I must recommend the services of Andy denson who put together an affordable trophy hunt package for my brother and I both very happy with trophies and hospitality of guide Eugene Erasmus and his lovely wife Adeline, if you have an interest in trying a go here is andrews link and if you want some info don't hessitate to ask me at www.albahighlandtaxidermy.com    check out the african hunting pictures on Galleries left bottom column.                      



Wild goat stalking in scotland,http://http://www.directsportinglets.co.uk//
Wild Goat Stalking Scotland 2/2/2015

A gold medal wild goat harvested on north of scotland Jan 2015, there is still a few places left that have these trophies to be found every year with some luck, contact www.directsportinglets.co.uk for the possible chance to hunt along with Roe, Red and Sika Deer stalking contact me as i can put clients in touch with the right agents to suite their requirements.

Gold medal Roe buck
Roe deer buck taxidermy mount

A massive gold medal roe buck mounted on a suppliment cape to bring it back to life looking, capes can be supplied up on request.

Red Deer Stag Taxidermy Trophy, Antlers arts and crafts,interior stag design

     A large red deer stag taxidermy mount like the exmoor emperor size of red deer for sale, pose of upright position

showing of its magnificent mane and antlers see red deer taxidermy mounts for sale section at top of page for price and details, he is a verry impresive specimen that will be a good talking point and focal point in a large house, hunting lodge, sporting hotel entrance, etc, buy quality and invest in quality. 


A beautiful Gold medal Fallow buck taxidermy mount.

Gold medal taxidermy mount for sale.

    Here is a first class roe deer buck gold medal taxidermy mount freshly finished for sale, check out roe deer taxidermy mounts for sale section for quality taxidermy that will keep its value a give you many years of happy viewing, invest in quality.

Gold medal Roe Buck Example taxidermy mount.

   This is a gold medal roe buck that Mark Butcher Shot 20 years ago best in scotland and 3rd best in uk taken on his farm at achilty, contin, ross shire, Robert Bartlett taxidermist has put together with a supliment cape to bring back a special trophy to life, I have various capes that i have for clients to accommodate a commision,please email for info, check out my antler shop, taxidermy shop, similar mounts for tv, theatre, props are done to this standard by Robert Bartlett.

Gold medal Roe buck taxidermy mounted for chris / Hawkeye.
Chris Mcveigh / gold medal roe buck mount.

  A lovely Roe buck gold medal mount by Robert Bartlett

taxidermist at albahighlandtaxidermy done to the highest standard, check out more photos on www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk taxidermy forum, a very happy customer.

Robert Bartlett Taxidermist hunter and sportsmans with his trophy Bucks
Taxidermist and sportsman Robert Bartlett of Albahighlandtaxidermy with a fine couple of Roe Bucks

     Robert Bartlett took a  brace of  roe bucks on the black isle one after the other and one being a certain gold with one being a good roe buck, after many outings in the area  a bit of luck that makes it worth while,you cant beat roe buck stalking.


Red deer Stag Taxidermy Trophy mount,Sold/sold/sold.
Red Stag Royal Taxidermy Trophy mount 12 pointer

        Cervus elaphus scoticus, A fine example of a Royal 12 pointer scottish red stag from the highlands of scotlands, Check out the Red Deer Taxidermy mounts for sale section if interested in purchasing for a gift or for to brighten up a lodge,house etc, there is different sizes that can be made to order. This fine fellow is for sale and also i can make up fresh mounts to order simillar to this stag etc,    

Chinese Water Deer taxidermy lifesize mount
Chinese Water Deer taxidermy trophy lifesize mount

  A lovely mounted lifesize gold medal class chinese water deer for sale, see chinese water deer for sale section,

Red deer antlers, arts and crafts,trophy antlers,art decor.

   Red deer 12 point royal monarch of the glen size scottish stag mount from the highland glens for sale: see red deer taxidermy mounts for sale section.

Red stag taxidermy trophy mount,
West-highland hunting taxidermy trophy stag mount

   A bonnie red stag trophy mount taken on ardnamurchan, through west-highland hunting, check out the links for contact of quality deer stalking to the highest standard.

Sika deer stag taxidermy shoulder mount
cervus nipon sika stag taxidermy trophy mount

A typical taxidermy mounted sika stag done to the highest standard by leading taxidermist Robert Bartlett, see sika stag mounts for sale section as there will be life size sika coming available soon, >see sika deer taxidermy mounts for sale section.


John clooneys silver medal roe buck

  A successfull day roe stalking in perth shire, scotland,

bagging a cracking silver roe deer buck.

John clooneys newly mounted silver roe buck taxidermy mount.

   John clooneys finaly finished mount after so many years and this being the final mount as the first mount with a taxidermist was not good enough for him, i suplied the cape and brought this chap back to life for john to enjoy for many years to come.well done john and good luck hunting in the future.

Young Gun with his first red stag,
Some nice highland stags

     This is young farquhar son of the famous scott renwick ,world class sheep trialist, lochbroom first red stag, see hunting pictures, Im sure there will be a lot more big red stag  to come, well done,check out hunting scenes pictures for red stag stalking in scotland.

Anders Ingles red stag stalking scotland.
Strathcarron highland red stag stalking.

  A fine highland west coast red stag stalked on strathcarron estate, a glorious result and experience.

Red deer stag antlers ,arts and crafts,trophy
Red Deer stag hunted by Anders Ingles,strathcarron estate,ross-shire.

   Red Deer Stag from the scottish highland glens, hunted by Anders Ingles, strathcarron estate, wester ross.

Sika deer stag stalking 12 pointer hunted in scotland
Bens 12 point cracker of a sika

  This is a lovely rare 12 point sika stag taken by the skilled hunter Ben, cervus nipon a quality sika stag hunted/stalked in scotland. 

Roe deer Buck Trophy Taxidermy Exhibit for sale

     See  roe/red deer taxidermy items for sale section, this is a fine specimen with a brilliant summer coat and silver / gold medal class head, never in uk has there being one for sale, it will be set in a grass habitat. im sure it would brighten up any hunting lodge or ? . I also from time to time keep quality roe capes to accomadate clients commisions to make the best possible mounts for them.

Red Deer Stag Trophy Taxidermy mount for sale,
Red Stag taxidermy section mount Example,Sold

     A typical large scottish Red Deer Stag Taxidermy Mounted to the highest standard by alba highland taxidermy, see the red deer taxidermy section for mounts on offer, also the sika and roe section., this big fine fellow is on a journey to China, Others can be made up to order or trophy antlers can be mounted with a new cape, contact for more info, i can barter some for antlers in return etc.

Ben collecting his trophy mount sika stag
12 Point sika getting collected

   A happy client collecting his beautifull sika stag mount with the on lookers Tom and Big Bill the roaring red stag, A mount of a lifetime.

A close up of the prized beast with a cousin on looker
A close up of bens 12 pointer sika


Highland japanese Sika Stag
Large Highland Mature japanese Sika stag taken at end of rut


     This sika stag was taken at end of rut with a broken right right antler much to my disapointment weighing in at 51kgs larder dressed,check out hunting pictures for updated trophy hunter pictures,please send a picture in to keep it interesting, 

Massive wild stag
Big Stag winched in,

Massive wild stag
Mark Green with a fantastic 12 royal stag.

 This is a red stag shot by the experienced deerstalker Mark Green, gold medal dumfries and galloway red stag weighing in at 320lbs on the larder weight, massive for a wild red stag in scotland, no park like appearance only in size, mark caped this stag and will be a special show piece exhibit to come. good result for red stag stalking in scotland.

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